We offer restoration of vintage motorcycles. We don’t limit ourselves to
specific brand.

The restaurant can be made in one of three variants:
A – Thorough restoration with complete disassembly of the motorcycle
B – Partial restoration, for example without paint work
C – Restoration of mechanical efficiency, without interfering with the original
condition of the motorcycle

We offer various types of varnish, depending on the application. The surface is usually
prepared by sandblasting. Then it’s time for sheet metal work.
Welding cracks, filling gaps and restoring the sheet metal to its original shape. It is also important to fit the elements before final painting. Thanks to this, we avoid gaps and abrasions on the sheet metal.
We recommend powder coating for chassis and frame parts. It offers high resistance to…
scratches and dings. Sheet metal elements usually require a higher gloss varnish –
this is where car paints are used. The gaps are painted and secured
clear varnish.