Aquablasting is a method of cleaning aluminum and copper alloys. It is a pressurized water jet treatment with a fine abrasive. Water acts as a buffer between the abrasive particles and the element, making Aquablasting more of a cleaning method than an abrasive machining method. The effect is more delicate than in the case of glass beading. Below you can see the engine block of the WSK 125 motorcycle. The half visible on the left is a casting in its pre-cleaning condition, while on the right there is an element cleaned using the Aquablasting method.

Thanks to the gentle operation of the method, the original structure of the casting and all features, inscriptions and traces of factory processing remain intact. This is a very big advantage when it comes to keeping the engine in its original condition, but at the same time giving it an aesthetic appearance. Aquablasting is safe for the inside of the engine and allows you to clean the combustion chamber or crankcase. Below is the engine of the Simson SR2 moped. Castings before and after cleaning. Yes, it’s the same engine 🙂 And the bearing and seal seats have not lost their intended fit.

The valuation of an item depends on its condition and complexity. Due to the fact that abrasive is used for cleaning, the element is washed in clean water after the procedure, and then I recommend thorough blowing and preventive cleaning of the oil channels, retaining ring grooves and threads.