Production of rubber elements

We offer the production and sale of elements made of rubber and silicone mixtures, intended for vintage motorcycles and mopeds. The elements are manufactured in Poland, from high-quality materials.

We make sure that:

– the elements were made of an appropriate mixture, sufficiently hard, sufficiently flexible, and resistant to operating conditions, including oil and fuel.

– the elements were dimensionally consistent with the original, which allows for easy installation and correct operation.

Current offer available at auctions:

The photo below shows a cross-section of the manufactured elements.

Experience in the renovation of motorcycles shows that even rubber elements, seemingly flexible, may not be suitable for installation due to incorrectly selected dimensions, parameters or properties. Examples include suspension cuffs that tear during installation or seals in the fuel system that swell and fall apart when in contact with gasoline. Our elements are covered by a guarantee of correct workmanship, including correct operation after installation. An example is the Simson SR2 suspension shock absorbers visible in the photo on the right. They have been modified compared to the factory solution to make their operation even more reliable. The steel tips do not adhere only with a flat surface, but are vulcanized with an additional part with a step.

Work on motorcycles also shows that some solutions can be slightly improved. This was the case with the fuel tank mounting kit for Junak. The solution presented in the photo on the right guarantees secure mounting of the tank and isolates it from vibrations.

We also offer the design and manufacture of molds and the implementation of the production of new elements. This is possible based on a pattern or drawing and presentation of quantitative requirements. After appropriate arrangements, it is possible to implement the production of rubber elements sold exclusively.